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The Affair

     My affair was quite short really but every minute we spent together was special. I know my wife had her suspicions. Even so, it made no difference to what happened.
     It's sometimes hard to know exactly when an affair starts - a shy look, a responsive smile, the softly spoken word. There's a feeling, often unspoken which conveys a sense of trust, of needing to be together just a little more. When it happens you know it was meant to be - for now anyway - for how long, only the future knows.
     I walked out of my house one day and there she was in the next door garden. Even with that first glance something special seemed to happen. Was it just me or was it mutual? Strange how she always seemed to be there every time I appeared. Now I'm not known as a fast worker but somehow I couldn't help myself so I suggested we go for a walk together. Not far, not for long; we didn't want to make too much of it; not yet anyway. People might talk. Her response was immediate - she'd love to.
     I thought we might not attract much attention if we went to the beach. Lots of people go there. We probably wouldn't be noticed. I was wrong. Trudy was not like other girls I'd known. She seemed to attract attention and I soon discovered what a friendly personality she had. So we kept stopping to talk.
     I wondered what sort of love this was. We were developing a real affection for each other. She was so responsive. She was interested, really interested, well in everything. I think we both knew we were enjoying something very special. But how long could it last?
     The next time we managed to get away together we went for a jog. Well it was more of a jog for me; Trudy wanted to go flat out. She's a few years younger than me. So on the way back we just threw a ball around. I think she's in quite good shape really.
     It's over now, of course, but you know, I enjoyed every minute of the time I spent with Trudy. I have to say that she was absolutely the most wonderful and obedient dog I've ever known. I was quite upset when her owner returned a couple of weeks later to take her home.

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