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Mt. Wellington from the Eastern Shore

Timeless the mighty mountain stands
Timeless the river flowing wide,
We see and share their many moods
And live our lives out by their side.

Who has not watched a lovely sunset
And seen God's glory once more new
As through the black the red tinge darkens,
Gold puffs surround ethereal blue?

And what of wind and storm and rain?
We see the waves whipped up to foam
While veils of rain reduce our view
And wind blows shrill round every home.

When winter's chilly fingers grip us
And snow bedecks the mountain top
Our children long to go and play there
Till ice and cold cause games to stop.

When sunshine bathes the earth with gladness
Then comes the blessing: a perfect day.
The mountain beckons us to climb it
While spinnakered yachts speed on their way.

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