Never a cross word

This night was typical of the quiet harmony that existed in this happy home. Two people could not be more attuned. It might be well said that they were on the same wavelength. Though each had individual thoughts, their thoughts were usually closely related. In fact, this similarity of thought so absorbed them that at times each was filled with a burning desire to know if one’s thoughts were exactly those of the other. Despite this desire, no such request was ever put, it being contrary to the mood and their unanimity of vision. Besides, it would be tantamount to an admission of a lower level of perception of that party, something not to be risked as it may well have had a detrimental effect on the respect each had for the other.

The impression one might form of this pair is that they had little need for direct communication and that their harmonious relationship worked because of a quiet acceptance of the other’s rarely expressed, almost secret, thoughts and opinions. That is not so, however. Quite the contrary! They regularly shared their thoughts and opinions in animated discussions often with subtle details being proffered and scrutinised in depth. And yet, on these matters there was no conflict. One quickly recognised where the other had clearly and accurately thought through the subject and freely accepted, in fact, joyfully accepted what the other put forward. Complete harmony prevailed. This mutual feeling had grown stronger with each passing year, or rather, each passing day.

Every household is faced with problems and this present household was no exception. Realising that problems would continually arise they hit upon a simple method to face them with equanimity. They decided to share them but not as you might first think. To each and every problem they would apply their minds, but not jointly. Faced with a problem each would think it through and try to hit upon a solution. So, we see that there were two minds working independently on each problem. Once one had arrived at an answer, then came the time to share it with the other and to find how closely their thoughts coincided. Problem after problem yielded to this approach. Sometimes one attained the goal, sometimes the other. Both recognised, however, that success was based on previous experiences they had shared and that one’s success may have only resulted from something they had learned from the other.

And so the years had been good to them. Problems no longer caused them consternation. Their way of handling things brought them closer in thinking and on frequent occasions they were in complete agreement. This is not to suggest that they solved every problem; reality is tougher than that. But even when they were left found wanting they took solace in having given it their best shot.

So this night ended, as had many others, with just a few words.
“Wow! That was tough but I’ve done it.”
“So have I. Wasn’t that a beaut crossword puzzle?”

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