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Weather Watch

I wandered lonely as a cloud
Moving over the Western Plain
With aching back and eyes dust-browed
I searched the sky for sign of rain.

For three years now we've suffered drought.
What meagre grass there was soon went.
My neighbours all are pulling out-
Their funds of cash and patience spent.

The long paddock's now our only hope-
For months my mobís been on the go.
The feed is just enough to cope
For perhaps another month or so.

El Nino's gone the experts say,
And heavy rains will start ere long.
A major trough is on its way.
I watch, and pray that they're not wrong.

The sky pours down torrential rain.
The land drinks deep and creeks all run
Wildly across the thirsty plain.
I look skywards for a sight of sun!

And so the cycle swings once more-
The beasts grow fat on grass waist high.
Life is back as it was before.
Yet still I always watch the sky!

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