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Time is so precious, don't throw it away.
Take time for yourself and others each day.
Time to say thank you for all that you have,
Be it ever so simple or ever so lav-(ish).
Time for a greeting a smile or a hug,
For conversing and laughing over a mug
Of hot coffee, hot chocolate or Chinese green tea.
Whatever you fancy, just let it be.
A gift of some flowers or fruit that you've grown
A wise look to children who look so forlorn;
Who think their lives over because of a tiff
With a girlfriend, a boyfriend, or some other kid.
Of course, they're still learning what we already know -
Girlfriends, boyfriends - they come and they go.
But never forget them, they're all part of time;
Your memories, their memories, all memories entwine.
So, listen, and love them, and take time to play,
Because time is so precious don't throw it away!

Catherine Fair

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