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Tell Me

Tell me about
the trees I've grown to love;
their leaves, their trunks, and canopies above;
the oaks and ashes, lime and yew;
those English giants once I knew
from childhood days, such memories;
the beauty of those splendid trees.
Tell me about
the wood I used when I was able
to build a lounge room coffee table;
the huon pine and blackwood smells
from forests where all timber dwells.
Tell me about
the childhood friends I knew when small.
What happened, I wonder, to them all?
It sure is hard to tell
if they remember me as well.
But lots of memories linger on -
party days and seaside trips - now gone.
Tell me about
those smells I've always known
(I love them still though now full grown):
strong coffee freshly ground;
onions, fried and browned;
new dug garden ground;
smoky fires; fresh tarmacked roads;
new-mown hay in piled up loads;
squeaky carts and apple smells;
Sunday morning's chiming bells;
in baker's windows fresh baked bread;
springy coils beneath my bed.
Tell me about
the market stalls along the street
where barrow boys would smartly greet
all shoppers with a lively patter
while people gathered just to natter:
"lotsa luvly spuds, buy a pound,
roll up, just outta the ground,
only the best, all ripe
no rubbish, no tripe,
come an' get 'em
'fore I sell 'em!"
Tell me about
those days gone by.

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