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Spring 1961

The games we played as children
          Were determined by the sun
With washing line and bat and ball
          We would skip and jump and run.

Summer was for team games
          Rounders was the best
Autumn was for skipping
          The highest number was our quest

Winter was for gliding
          On the schoolyard icy slide
Until the teacher caught us
          To end our perilous ride.

But springtime was the best of all
          Rollerskating in the street
Riding your bike to join your friends
          The brakes were simply your feet.

Picnics in the nearby Park
          Me and Julie on the swings
Digging the mud for tadpoles
          Flying kites with gaudy strings.

Tennis played with wooden racquets
          Plastic hoola hoops and jacks
Old grey donkeys plodding on the beach
          Laughing children on their backs.

Picking bluebells, making daisy chains
          Spring sunshine in the air
Off to Blackpool for the day
          Raining? We don't care.

In Spring the evening twilight
          Casts a golden hue
We sit outside our kitchen door
          Mum and me and you.

So at the end of these glorious days
          We're left to smile and wonder
Our future now is in God's hands
          Next Spring we'll be Down Under.

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