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The Last Stand of Black Pete

A hush falls o'er the gamblers as the swinging doors swing in,
For Ranger Joe has come to town to rid the place of sin.
There's hustling in the corner where Black Pete, the outlaw, stands,
And Ranger Joe turns round and sees the outlaw's gun-filled hands.

"The game is up," says Ranger Joe. "Put down those forty-fours.
For if you don't I know that I shall square some dead men's scores."
"You won't get me," replies Black Pete, in voice so hard and coarse.
"'Coz after I have shot you dead I'm on my rangy horse."

Black Pete then thumbs the hammers back and aims his guns at Joe,
When in a flash Joe draws and shoots his coward outlaw foe.
Then toasts are drunk to Ranger Joe and cowboys drink their fill,
While Ranger Joe rides on his way, Pete's buried in Boot Hill.

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