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The Monster

Driving home on a busy highway I experienced a sense of total panic. Much to my horror, emerging from behind the sunvisor was a colossal huntsman spider looking at me with beady eyes. His furry legs were twitching - would he decide to jump?

I don't know how I managed to think what to do next. It seemed like forever, but I managed to pull over eventually and without causing a most horrible accident. I jumped out of the car and the spider jumped as well, onto the floor via the steering wheel. I don't know if he hopped out of the car, so he could be hiding under the front seat. The worst part was not knowing.

I had a very creepy feeling all the away home, thinking of the spider. Do spiders think? If so, what was he planning and what were his intentions? It must be a male spider with the title "huntsman." Was he aggressive? They can bite. He could be at this very moment planning his next move. I'm praying that he may be feeling harassed, a hesitant huntsman spider and simply scared of me. Hopefully, I could be, in his eyes, harassed, a hesitant human and not the "monster" who kidnapped him!
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