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Friday 13th

Working later than usual, Jane Woods stood outside the Spencer's Real estate Offices; she had enjoyed a good day selling property, even though it was Friday the 13th. It had been a long day, but Jane was well satisfied. While she was writing up the documentation for the sale of the properties she had sold, she had not realized how late it was. It was a bleak windy night and looked as if it were about to rain and from past experience she knew there would be a delay for taxis to come to the office.

Jane decided to cut through an alley-way which would take near the taxi rank. Many office workers used the backstreet instead of walking the long way around to get to the bus station. There would be plenty of light on the main road once she reached the taxi rank.

Halfway down the alley she wondered whether she had done a foolish thing. Not long ago a young woman was attacked while walking in this area. Jane decided it was too late to turn back and go the long one around.

Just then, she heard what she thought was someone walking behind her. They seem to be rattling be on is of the old things that ran along one side of the street. Jane turned, but couldn't see anyone as it had become quite dark. Walking quickly along the side alley; the sound of the rattle began again. Jane did not stop and turn around as she was terrified that whoever it was, would soon catch up to her.

Then she spotted a man and woman standing in a gate further along the alley. Thinking she would be safe, Jane was about to say something to them, when the male turned toward her drunkenly saying "Would you like to make a threesome!"
Jane replied, "No thank you," and hurried along with street.

Up ahead, Jane could see the streetlights but the rattle of the iron railings seem to be coming closer and closer. Jane realize she had no other means to defend itself. Fumbling in a handbag, she found her keys and thought she might be I want to poke the person in the eye, or hurt the person's arm. This was one of the ways her self-defence teacher had suggested if you had no other means of protection. Jane thought of all things she would do if a person caught up with to her. She would kick, scratch, and even bite to person.

The alley in which he was walking cover the whole block of shops as you feel is so becoming tired, due to the fear and stress. Jane could see a taxi up on the main road. She kept repeating to herself, "Please, please don't go, I'm nearly there."

Finally, Jane breathing hard, reached the end of the alley and raced over to the taxi. The driver asked her where she wanted to go and after giving her address, Jane sank back into the seat. Perspiring from all the running and being terrified, Jane turned down the window.

She heard the rattle of the old railings, and then to see new would come at of the alley. At first, she couldn't see anyone, however the rattle continued. It was then she saw him. It was none other than a dog with a stick in its mouth marking out his territory. Laughing with tears in her eyes, Jane thought it was a lucky Friday the 13th for her, but unlucky for others.

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