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Fear of Forests

There is fear in forests old and new
“We will lose our old forests quite soon.
A hundred years to grow, minutes to fell
They must be chained up, and us too.”

Some others plant forests that are new
Buying land where saplings grow well
“That is prime land, not just for trees
Cows, sheep and cabbages here dwell.”

Farmers grow angry and try to prevent
Selling land to tree farmers who then say:
“We want to protect old timber, grow new!”
Yes, there is fear in new forests as well.

Some build a house where the forest is near
Or set-up in the middle of a coup
They come to know a forest to fear
Bushfires burn old timber too!

Standing on the Airwalk in Tahune
Trees stretch for miles, even taller when near
Wonder and reverence are the emotions we feel
A patchwork of green, but no fear.

Somehow we must break these chains of fear
With compromise on both sides and not violence
Less greed and more green from the industry giants
More commonsense, return forests to silence.

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