Summer Programme 2007
Convened by Astra Palkovs
To be held in Theatre No. 1, Life Sciences Theatre, University of Tasmania.
Time -10.00am

Wed. 10th Jan.The Scandal and Shame of a Stateless Palestine
Emeritus Prof. Peter Boyce
The failure to secure Palestinians the homeland they were promised by the UN at the time of Israel's creation in 1947-48 has not only generated untold suffering and prolonged political injustice, but has provided a key ingredient to the intensifying disaffection in Islamic societies with the West, especially the United States. This historical overview and analysis of a seemingly intractable problem promises to be unapologetically provocative.

Mon. 15th Jan.The Art of the Surgeon
Dr. Christopher Edwards
The importance of adding drawing and sculpture to the skills of the plastic surgeon.

Wed. 17th Jan.Italian Prisoners of War in Tasmania
Dr. Ian McFarlane
Dr. McFarlane will talk about his on-going research into the history of the Italian Rural Labour Scheme in Tasmania during World War II.

Mon. 22nd Jan.The IXL Development
Robert Morris-Nunn
The award winning project described by a Jury Citation as - actively celebrating the old and the new. Intact still - evidence of almost 200 years of wear and tear.
In contrast, new work is minimalist, carefully inserted into the old.

Wed. 24th Jan.Taking More Control of Your Life
Dr. Harry Stanton
Dr. Stanton will discuss what he believes to be the main problem preventing us from living our lives in the most enjoyable and productive manner. He will outline an effective strategy for taking more control over our thoughts to see negative material in a more positive way.

Mon. 29th Jan.Where Chemistry Meets Biology Meets Engineering
Separation science - disease diagnosis to bomb detection
Dr. Emily Hilder
Members of U3A were introduced to this science four years ago by Professor Haddad. This talk will describe some recent and exciting advances in separation science developed at UTAS with applications to the biological sciences ( e.g. genomics, proteomics and medicine), pharmaceutical sciences, food science and counter-terrorism.

Wed. 31st Jan. The Tasmanian Platypus
A Cinderella Story involving a Frog
Prof. Nigel Forteath
A fungal disease was found to have caused the death of a platypus in the early 1980s from Elizabeth River. The disease has spread east and west. Scientific research, however, came to an abrupt halt. New research is now underway - with the hope of discovering more about the pathogen.

Mon. 5th Feb.Maureen and Roy Davies Memorial Lecture
Devils and Rascals
Ian Matterson
Youths charged with criminal offences are dealt with under the Youth Justice Act behind closed doors. To some, the anonymity gives little reason to change their ways.
Are younger people becoming more aggressive?
There will be a comparison with offenders in an emerging country, Papua New Guinea.

Wed. 7th Feb.The Newspaper: Report of its Death Exaggerated
Bruce Montgomery
Bruce Montgomery will speak about the future role of the conventional and unconventional media in news presentation, with particular emphasis on the role of newspapers.
Will our generation be the last to read broadsheets?

Wed. 14th Feb. An Overview of Karst and Cave Fauna from China, Brazil and Madagascar to Tasmania
Arthur Clarke
This presentation will provide some examples of the global and local (Tasmanian) diversity of karst land-forms and the boi-diversity of cave dwelling, often cave-limited, and adapted animals with some explanation of cave-biology related terms.

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