Monday 9 January – Wednesday 15 February 2006
Arranged by Astra Palkovs and George Cresswell

Mon 9 Jan

Australian Frogs – Why are they croaking?

Margaret Davies

We have received numerous requests to repeat this popular lecture from the last Summer Program – so here it is!

Wed 11 Jan

Australia in black and white – Cartoons, the most public art

Craig Judd

Craig Judd is the curator of art at the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery.

Mon 16 Jan

A UFO captain’s reports on reconnaissance missions over London, one in 1600 and the other in 1900

Tony Denholm

Associate Professor Tony Denholm, whom you will recall from the last summer lecture as the ‘Captain’ navigating the English canal system, will entertain us again as the “Captain’ of a different craft, life and times.

Wed 18 Jan

Taking more control over your life

Dr Harry Stanton

Dr Stanton will discuss what he believes to be the main problem preventing us from living our lives in the most enjoyable and productive manner. He will outline an effective strategy for taking more control over our thoughts to see negative material in a more positive way.

Mon 23 Jan

Connecting the past to the future: architecture and public places

Helen Norrie

Helen Norrie is an academic who writes for a range of architecture and art journals. As part of her PhD research she has studied the design of the British Museum, Museum of Scotland and Jewish Museum in Berlin and how the extensions to these buildings have altered the public perception of museums from ‘temples of culture’ to ‘forums’. This provides some interesting ideas to consider in light of the future development of Sullivan’s Cove.

Mon 30 Jan

Chasing the American Dream

John Honey

The interesting story behind the success of a small Tasmanian film company that moved to the USA and over the course of a decade built up a world-wide audience for their series of documentaries on the development of aviation, in which they became a world leader. An American dream – or was it? This is John’s personal account of what he describes as a ‘roller-coaster ride’.

Wed 1 Feb

Is the personal political and how does the politics effect the person?

Margaret Reynolds

In this paper Margaret Reynolds will summarise key political milestones and public policy debates which she has experienced personally during her career as teacher, lecturer, councillor, senator, minister and long term activist for human rights and social justice.

Mon 6 Feb

Maureen And Roy Davies Memorial Lecture

Sir Guy Green

Wed 8 Feb

Subject to be announced

Henry Reynolds

Henry Reynolds is a Senior Research Fellow, Australian Research Council; Research Professor, University of Tasmania; freelance writer and human rights activist.

Wed 15 Feb

With French colleagues on an Antarctic tractor journey

Graeme Elphinstone

An illustrated talk by Graeme, head of Elphinstone Engineering at Triabunna, suppliers of heavy ice-travelling equipment to the French in Adelieland.

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