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STBSA "B" Grade Snooker Championship games
Chris Snare defeated Pat Malloy
2015 Tasmanian Billiards
2015 STBSA Open Snooker
2015 STBSA Open Billiards
2015 STBSA "B" Grade Snooker
2015 STBSA "B" Grade Billiards
2014 Tasmanian Snooker
2014 Gourlay Shield
2015 Doug Salter Shield
2014 E A (Ted) Pickett Shield
Events & Championships, etc
2015 STBSA Champions!
2015 John Williams Shield
2015 John Hanson Shield
"B" Grade Triangular Shields
2014 STBSA Womens Snooker
Honour Board - Snooker/Billiards
Honour Board - 8-Ball & Ladies
2014 STBSA 6 Red Snooker
2014 Shane Clark Memorial Shield
Ratings, Archives, etc
"A" Snooker RatingsEnd of Season
"A" Billiards RatingsEnd of Season
"B" Snooker RatingsPreliminary Final
"B" Billiards RatingsPreliminary Final
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