Coincidence — Fictional Disaster — Real Disaster

Runaway Train — Challenger Space Shuttle

Extract from the movie 'Runaway Train'

TV news broadcaster (talking about the space shuttle) "..... NASA headquarters in Houston today, over Wednesday's successful launch of the two new communication satellites. The number of sophisticated experiments will apparently be doubled on next month's launch of an Anglo-French weather satellite: that according to launch director Glogan. He praised the crew of the just completed mission ....." (voice fades)

Frank Barstow (designer of the computer-controlled railway system that has just failed disastrously) is watching the TV news, showing the space shuttle landing. He says, "I still don't understand it. How did this happen? Why couldn't we stop it with all this junk? I mean, with all this high technology." (he is in shock)

Frank's boss, Eddie MacDonald, replies, "Some things can't be explained."

TV news broadcaster (voice audible again) "..... he called it the picture-perfect mission. One is always hoped for, but rarely achieved."

'Runaway Train' was released in the USA in Jan 1986.
The 'Challenger' space shuttle disaster occurred 28 Jan 1986.

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