A Hamlet timeline - chronicle of events

      Setting the Timeline - considerations

Claudius - planning my foul murder

King Hamlet's funeral - where was Hamlet?

Gertrude & Claudius - adultery or not?

Horatio - Hamlet's friend?

Hamlet feigns madness - protective "cover"

Polonius - the evil that men do

Ophelia's love? - did she love Hamlet?

Ophelia closetted - Polonius on love

      O help xxx ....... - Olivier's version

Ophelia's change - is Hamlet suspicious?

Is Hamlet mad? - Polonius's opinion

Horatio - is he passion's slave?

Hamlet kills Polonius - stabs the "Voice"

Laertes on Ophelia - madness & death

Ophelia's death - a recipe

Yorick - something rotting in Denmark

Hamlet's age - digging up the past

Betting on Hamlet - the fencing match

Hamlet fencing skill - better than Laertes

Hamlet — Timeline

DateEvents and involvementSimultaneous eventsDay
Dec 15Anniversary of the defeat of NorwayHamlet's 29th birthday -90
Mar 15King Hamlet dies0
Mar 16Claudius made regentelected king soon after1
Mar 30Horatio returns15
Mar 31King Hamlet's funeral16
Apr 15Claudius and Gertrude marry31
Apr 29Laertes returns45
Apr 30Claudius's Coronation46
May 7Hamlet returns53
May 14/15 Midnight - {Play starts} Horatio - platform60
May 15Voltimand, Laertes leave - Ophelia restricted  Hamlet - platform - Ghost61
July 13Lamord's visit - reports Laertes's fencing120
July 14Reynaldo - R & G - Voltimand returnsHamlet goes to Ophelia121
July 15Nunnery - Mousetrap - Polonius killedHamlet, R & G leave 122
July 16Polonius buriedFortinbras - Hamlet - captain123
July 17Ophelia writes to LaertesHamlet captured by pirates124
July 18letter goes125
July 30R & G die in England137
Aug 11letter arrives149
Aug 12letter delivered150
Aug 13Laertes - awaits a ship151
Aug 14Laertes leaves France152
Sep 10Laertes arrives in Denmark179
Sep 11Laertes raises an army180
Sep 13Claudius - Laertes - Ophelia mad - diesSailors - Hamlet's letters 182
Sep 14Hamlet returnsYorick - Ophelia buried183
Sep 15{Play ends}Fencing match - Hamlet dies 184
Dec 15Hamlet's 30th birthday275

Considerations in setting the Timeline