A Hamlet timeline – chronicle of events

      Setting the Timeline – considerations

Claudius – planning my foul murder

King Hamlet's funeral – where was Hamlet?

Gertrude & Claudius – adultery or not?

Horatio – Hamlet's friend?

Horatio – is he passion's slave?

Polonius – the evil that men do

Ophelia's love? – did she love Hamlet?

Ophelia closetted – Polonius on love

      O help xxx ....... – Olivier's version

Ophelia's change – is Hamlet suspicious?

Hamlet feigns madness – protective "cover"

Is Hamlet mad? – Polonius's opinion

Hamlet kills Polonius – stabs the "Voice"

Laertes on Ophelia – madness & death

Ophelia's death – a recipe

Hamlet's age – digging up the past

Yorick – something rotting in Denmark

Betting on Hamlet – the fencing match

Hamlet's fencing skill – better than Laertes

Hamlet — Prince of Denmark

"Hamlet" has probably been analysed more than any other work of literature. Despite this continual process there is a limited amount of original thinking.

There are still unsolved problems. For example, why does Claudius supposedly reveal his guilt when he sees the murder at the end of "The Mousetrap" but not when he sees it a few minutes earlier during the dumb-show? No satisfactory answer exists! Perhaps it didn't happen quite like that.

Could it be that despite the knowledge and expertise of the analysts they have got the story wrong simply because they have missed some important points? Let's have a look at some of those 'points'.