My uncouth rhymes and haiku fun

John Bunyan ......               I did not think
To show to all this world my pen and ink
In such a mode; I only thought to make
I knew not what: nor did I undertake
Thereby to please my neighbour: no, not I;
I did it mine own self to gratify.

Autumnal .... of yesterday it was
Eternal love - a love song.
Celeste - an e-poem.
SOS - a distress message to the Titanic
Forward to the Past - where the Information Age is heading
The Last Stand of Black Pete - Glind's schoolboy doggerel.
The Ballad of Don Bradman - the greatest ever.
Two Ps, or not Two Ps? - so the saying goes.
A Limerickish Poem - preview to the viewing.
Recipes for Nectar - divine drinks.
Nothing - is it a harmless thing?
Lunatickle - setting foot on the Moon.
Jack and Jill - a puzzle poem.
Little Papa - another puzzle poem.
Poll Axed - voting in Australia.
Frost - heart-warming scene.
My haiku - just for fun.
Springtime - a song.

Poems - printable

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