Reassign Function Keys

Highlight the following code and save it as a text file called KEY.BAS
Put it in the same folder as GW-BASIC.EXE. Load it and run it.

10 ' Program assigns alternative values to rarely-used Function Keys
20 ' If a batch file is used to load GW-BASIC, add key to the file text.
30 ' This program will then run automatically to do its job.
50 KEY 5,"SYSTEM"               'leave gwbasic, checks first if ok
60 KEY 6,"RENUM 10"+CHR$(13)    'instant renumbering from line 10
70 KEY 7,"EDIT "                'add a line number, Enter, and edit it
80 KEY 8,"FILES"+CHR$(13)       'a list of files at any time
90 KEY 9,"LIST -200"+CHR$(13)   'lists code down to line 200
100 KEY 10,"KEY LIST"+CHR$(13)  'shows the values assigned to keys
110 FILES                       'conveniently lists files at the start
120 NEW                         'ready for action!

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